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Feely Feelings Book

$22.22 / On Sale

We have a wide range of emotions!
Feely Feelings helps to recognize and appreciate all the different emotions a person might feel.
Emotions are commonly seen as good and bad, but with better understanding we can teach our children to learn emotions are signals to ourselves about how we are feeling and what we may need.

Recommended for ages 3-103 (Sorry if you're 104)


Five different options:

Option 1 - Paperback $11.11
Click here to get Feely Feelings 8.5" Paperback on Amazon

Option 2 - Hard Cover (SOLD OUT)

Option 3 - 12" OVERSIZED Paperback $22.22
These oversized books will be only be printed for a limited time.
For now, this version will not be sold outside of this site.

Option 4 - 12" OVERSIZED Hard Cover (SOLD OUT)


Option 5 - Kindle version $7.00
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